Here we go again...

I want to start off by thanking all of you who have shown so much love for our boudoir shoot. I knew the moment I hit “Publish” that these images would stir many emotions. I mean let’s just say it, they are provocative, passionate and they show an image that isn’t seen enough. They show a woman who is isn’t small, who has a tummy, large breasts that are no longer perky, a woman who isn’t in her 20’s, a woman with many imperfections, and it shows her being in control of all of those imperfections and all while her husband shows his appreciation. This alone has sparked an emotion in some that sadly showcases their own insecurities and leads them to judge my husband and I for allowing these images to be public. But again, if you read my blog you know that THIS is the exact reason why we chose to not only take these images but to also share them with the world.

Follow along while I get very real with you right now. I am a person who has feelings, has her own insecurities and I put all of that aside because I knew the power these images hold. I knew that one woman out there, that woman who hides under t-shirts when intimate with her partner, that woman who feels regret when she looks in the mirror because she thinks she’s not worthy of intimacy all because society constantly crams down our throat an image of women that is not the majority! That one woman needed to see that you are WORTHY of whatever love you want in your life. That you do not have to settle for relationships that don’t spark passion in your life because you think that man doesn’t exist. That woman is the woman I was wanting to reach when I decided to do a shoot that I knew would spark some controversy! I know that woman because I used to be that woman!! I used to be the woman who lived in one of most beautiful tropical places in the world and I would wear baggy t-shits to cover the body I hated. That woman would wear t-shirts over her bathing suit because she was so afraid of what people would say about her just trying to live the same life that others around her were allowed to live. This confidence I hold was not something I have always possessed, yet something I have worked my butt off for! I have been the woman who was cheated on, who didn’t feel worthy, who has survived sexual abuse, and made a CONSCIENCE decision to rise from all of that and claim her worth! So that woman is the same woman who puts herself out there to be made fun of just so that ONE woman can find empowerment in my photos. So if you are one of the many people who laughed at me, wrote horrible comments about me, judged me because I chose as a woman in her 40’s to showcase her sexuality and celebrate one of the beauties of her marriage, then do me a favor…do some soul searching and ask yourself why. Why would you want to intentionally hurt someone, why you think it’s your job to care so much about a stranger’s life that you take it upon yourself to tear them down. I have said it time and time again, but hurt people hurt people. Read that again…Hurt people, hurt people! I have never seen a joyous person take to tearing another down, because they are too busy living their life to worry about what others are doing. Last night as I watched our images go viral, I knew what would come from that. I knew the downside of the decision I made and although i’d be lying if I said I didn’t care at all, I knew the good outweighed the bad. For every negative comment made, there were many more that got it! That makes it worth it.

So for all of my ladies out there who sadly are faced with the same comments on a daily, hold your head high!! Walk with your purpose every single day, and do not hide yourself for the benefit of others. I hope as we continue to celebrate diversity that more images like this become the norm. I hope that we come to a place where we are so busy living our amazing lives that we allow others to do the same. We are all not meant to be the same size, we aren’t meant to look the same…it’s the beauty of diversity. So again, as I say all the your best life…and allow others to live theirs!!!

Hugs and blessings,