5 Years Ago...


Dear husband,

5 years ago I walked into a bar and we locked eyes. I would have no idea that I had just met the man who would forever change my life. I had spent so many years hurt, angry and searching for a feeling for love that no one else was able to give me…until you. I could go on and on about you, as I do almost daily but I just want you to read these words and understand again why I chose you.

You have a heart that is bigger than most. You are a true gentleman who never lets me open doors, always waits on me to eat dinner, never lets me carry grocery bags and prides yourself on taking care of me. You are the definition of selfless and kindness. You have the most beautiful eyes, not just because of the amazing color but because of what lies beneath them. It’s one of the things I fell in love with, the one thing I saw when I first looked at you. Thank you for loving me, for loving my babies, for accepting all of my flaws, for being patient and most of all for giving the life that I desperately prayed for. I hate that it took me so long to find you, but I promise you I will spend the rest of our days together truly soaking up every moment. I promise you will never go a day in your life without feeling immensely loved, respected and wanted. Thank you for always appeasing my crazy ideas, posing for me when I need you to model, being my photographer, and just the daily support you give me. I finally for the first time in my life know what God meant when he designed marriage. From a bar in Baltimore, to being husband and wife in Virginia….God has orchestrated it all.

I love you baby, today and for always…

Your WIFE, Mariaelissa

Thank you to everyone who has supported our love, from our families to our friends to all of you who send me messages, comments and positive affirmations!! For our 5 year anniversary we wanted to do something fun with our annual photoshoot by using celebrity couples and movie couples as our inspiration!! So enjoy our fun shoot and thank you again for all the positivity you all bring to us!!!

Hugs, Lissa