Thrifted Thursday

So i’m super excited to start a weekly fashion blog post on thrifting!!! How many of you are thrifters? It was once very taboo, lol…I mean no one wanted to admit that they shopped through other people’s donations. But then it became a trend and alas here we are! I honestly have thrifted since I was a kid. I remember my parents, who had 3 kids that were all only a year apart, having to school shop on a tight budget. I lived in a small town and we only had a few thrift stores, and one Goodwill that was smack dab in the middle of town!! They would hang styled outfits in the window and my freshman year of high school my mother took me there to do a little shopping. There was this hot pink dress hanging in the window and my mom insisted I try it on. I was NOT happy about that, but I knew better then to argue with her too much so I grabbed it from the sales associate and went to their plywood dressing room…no lie guys this thing was like a standing coffin!! I put it on came out and my mother LOVED it!!! So much that she bought it and whatever my mother bought I wore. So fast forward a few months into the school year and I finally wear the hot pink dress. I go to the bathroom where there was a large group of girls doing their makeup and one of the girls smiles at me and says “nice dress!” As much as I wanted to be appreciative of her compliment, I was terrified to see that this girl was the same girl who sold this dress to my mother at Goodwill!! Thankfully she kept my secret and all was right in the world thereafter.

I look back on that and honestly laugh at how much I cared, like my peers, about things that hold no value. I had two parents who worked their butts off to provide for us, and gave us all we ever needed. My mother always had us looking our best and she taught us to live within our means. That is something I am most proud of. We didn’t showboat for the sake of other’s opinions. There was no need to spend a fortune on clothes that we would only wear a few times. We had a beautiful home, home cooked meals and a family unit that was full of love.

So now that i’ve taken you down memory lane, I lead you to why I thrift. So as you see from above it’s something my family has always done, and as i’ve gotten older it’s become something that truly makes me happy. There is nothing like finding treasures for literally a fraction of the original cost. Thrifting can be time consuming, but if you are patient it truly will be worth it. Years ago when plus fashion wasn’t the best, it was really hard to find anything in the thrift store that was worth purchasing so I stuck with looking mostly for my kids. Thankfully times are different and like I stated before, if you are patient you truly will be delighted with what you can find!! I love clothes, and I love to shop, but I am still raising kids and honestly I also have decided that I want to be more responsible with my purchases. I still believe in splurging on those staple pieces, you know the one that will stay with you season after season. But for the on trend looks, definitely utilize your local thrift stores for that. And bonus, you are actually doing a lot for your local community, charities and the Earth when you thrift!! Ok are you sold yet??

Most of you who read my blog are coming from my instagram and you see that I work with clothing companies as a brand ambassador. I absolutely love doing that, but I also love styling outfits from thrifted pieces that I find. Because of that I decided I wanted to start a weekly Thursday Thrift post where I will show you what key things to look for, how to shop and more importantly how to style those pieces!!! Last week my husband and I took an afternoon and hit up our favorite spots. Now if you are new to thrifting you will have to take some time to check out the ones around you. Some thrift stores are not worth the hunting, and then there are ones that you will feel like you a hit a jackpot!! Make sure you ask around to find out the ones that are worth going and of course utilize Google…it will be your best friend!! For the national thrift stores, Salvation Army is one of my favorites. Mainly because every Wednesday is half off all clothing and shoes!! Of course it’s a mad house on that day but if you start early you can avoid the craziness!! This outfit that I am showing you today was all bought at Salvation Army and was half off!!! Total spent for t-shirt and skirt….$5!!! So let’s check it out!!


So let’s talk prints!! I LOVE prints, and my favorite thing to do with prints is to pair it with…wait for it…more prints!!! Seriously, nothing adds spice to your wardrobe like a statement print. Leopard is, and honestly probably will always be a staple print. It’s best used on the smaller scale, like in pieces and not a full on head to toe look. This skirt is originally from Lane Bryant and still had it’s tags!! It’s original cost was $59 and I got it for $3!!! Yea, I was pretty stoked!! I knew the second I saw it that I wanted to pair it with a fun t-shirt, so I went on over to the men’s area and searched all through the t-shirts. Vintage t’s are on trend right now when paired with something that would be deemed dressy. I knew I wanted the base color to be black so I searched through the black t’s (another reason I love Salvation Army…they organize everything by color!) and I found this super cute Marvel t-shirt. It’s a size small, but it had stretch and for $2 I knew that if it didn’t work out I could just give it to one of my kiddos. Thankfully it fit great and once paired with the skirt I fell in love!! Now normally I like to turn my thrift t’s into either a crop top or off the shoulder top. I just grab a pair of scissors and start hacking away, but with this t I wanted to keep it the way it was because I want to be able to tuck it into a pair of jeans or sweats. So I rolled it up to create a cropped look…and this look was produced! I ended the look with a fun pair of super trendy white booties!!! This look can be worn out for drinks with the girls, a concert or a dinner date with your significant other. It’s super versatile and can easily be worn day or night!


I added a leather jacket that I draped on my shoulder to give it more of an evening look.


Now if heels aren’t your thing and you want to wear this to a festival or to run around shopping, just throw on a crossbody bag and your favorite pair of sneakers!! Another big trend….sneakers with skirts and dresses!! It can tone down a super dressy look and let’s be real….they are COMFORTABLE!!!!


As much as I love this look, I wanted to show another way to wear this skirt. Prints can be scary to some, and I know that the t-shirt with it might not be the best look for everyone. So if you’re scared of prints, don’t shy away from it!! And if you are a plus girl like me…PLEASE do not buy into the “plus bodies shouldn’t wear prints, especially on the biggest parts of their body”. You know we have heard this before and it’s bs! As you can see, I am rocking a print, and rocking it at the biggest part of my body, and I did so confidently!! I truly believe, if it makes you happy…WEAR IT!! Ok so back to the original program, I paired the skirt with a Fashion Nova off the shoulder top. I chose black but you could also1 do a camel color and if you are bold a bright color solid top would be killer with this!! Think hot pink or teal!!

I also paired it with my favorite Jessica Simpson gold glittered heels because…STATEMENT!!!

I hope you have enjoyed my first segment of Thrifted Thursday!!! Please take a moment and leave a comment and let me know what, if anything you’d like to know about becoming a thrifter!! I am already working on next week’s post because I was able to grab some killer pieces recently!! I will make sure to show you different ways to wear one peice because I truly believe you should utilize your wardrobe to the fullest!!! We out here trying to buy homes, secure our children’s is fun and can make us feel really good but it shouldn’t break the bank. Trends come and go, seasons change quickly..I want to help you find pieces that will stand the test of time! Hope you have a beautiful day and until next time…