Thrifted Thursday: Winter into Summer Wear


Ladies, learn to make your wardrobe STRETCH and I don’t mean in the physical sense lol. When you shop for pieces whether you are thrifting or not, you want to envision multiple ways to utilize your clothing. I like to wear my clothing all year long, I don’t believe in seasonal pieces. A summer dress can be worn in the winter if layered right. This outfit, minus the boots and jewelry, was thrifted and came in at $8 total! Living in Virginia our weather changes daily, I mean we can have 4 seasons in a matter of days! So learning how to style your entire wardrobe is a must!

For this look I paired this Lane Bryant dress that I found at my favorite local thrift store, with a simple black turtleneck that I found at Salvation Army. To keep going with the winter wear I threw on a pair of tall black boots and finished the look with turquoise jewelry from my local Paparazzi jeweler, Just Right Pieces . Seriously I’ve become obsessed with their pieces and have really been thinking about becoming a consultant with them because these pieces are soo cute and literally only $5!!! Let me know what you think below. Anywho ,back to the look lol. This is such a chic look that can easily be replicated with any sleeveless wrap dress, which by the way is so flattering on all body types!

Obviously transitioning this back to summer wear is super easy. Throw some cute heels on, a fun scarf, grab your favorite purse and GO!! Ya’ll know how much I love mixing my colors and patterns, so throwing yellow with this purple tie dyed style dress was a lot of fun. Remember for summer there are no rules!! Colors are so much fun to play around with, so don’t be afraid of it!

Shoes: JustFab

Purse: Target, but they no longer have it so I found a similar one for you in my Amazon shop here

Jewelry: Paparazzi

Scarf: Thrifted

So here’s a tip I want to leave you with to help with your thrift store shopping, screenshot outfit ideas that you want to replicate. Going in with outfits in mind makes it easier to navigate your shopping. I always go in with a plan because there is a lot of clothing to go through. And in closing, make sure you have FUN with your wardrobe!!!

Until next time,

Hugs, Lissa