Thrifted Thursday: Plus Size Vintage Addition

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Hello Dolls! So last week I started my Thrifted Thursday blog segment in order to offer tips and tricks to thrifting and how to style your pieces. I know not everyone is a lover of thrifting, it can be a very overwhelming and daunting task that can also be frustrating. So what do you do if you love vintage pieces but do not want to spend the time it takes to seek out the treasures, well you turn to businesses like Francheska Louies. Marquisha Daniels, owner of FL, has made it her mission to seek out the hottest vintage pieces with a focus on plus size. She is also a stylist with a great eye for fashion that is reminiscent of the 90’s New York fashion scene. I have always been a fan of the pieces that she carefully curates, then sells on both her instagram and local pop up shops. She has styled me before, for both my anniversary shoot with my husband a few years ago, and for a shoot we both collaborated on. So recently when I saw her at a Vintage Sunday pop up shop at Selden Market I knew I had to check out her newest collection. As soon as I saw this gorgeous dress I got excited!! The color and print jumped out at me and I prayed it would fit me!! To my surprise it did and the second I brought it home I thought of all the ways I could style it! I love it as is, and I know that I could literally wear any color shoe with this and it would all work, but I settled on a soft yellow because the dress is colorful enough that this butter yellow compliments it without competing.


I’m swooning over here because honestly I felt so pretty and timeless in this dress. There is something about a belted swing dress that is so feminine and works for so many body types!! As much as I love it as a dress I knew I needed to find other ways to style it because as I stated on last week’s blog post when you make any clothing purchase you want to make sure to find pieces you can wear multiple ways to really get your money’s worth!! I decided to make this dress a duster by taking off the belt and pairing it with a simple white spaghetti strap tank top from Walmart, linked here and my current FAVORITE jeans from Rainbow, linked here !


Be prepared to see this look worn many ways because I am not ashamed of re-wearing something but best believe I like the challenge of making it look different each time!!!

The beauty of what Marquisha does is the fact that most of her pieces are one of a kind and most likely will not be able to be found anywhere else. So when you invest in her pieces you are investing in timeless, one of a kind designs that you can proudly wear knowing it won’t be seen anywhere else!!

I reached out to Marquisha about featuring her on today’s post because I believe in what she’s doing and I believe in supporting other small business owners, especially other Female owned businesses!! We need to create a space of community over competitions, and instead of talking about it, we need to actually do it. So please take the time to check out her pages and support!! I asked Marquisha to do a write up about herself and her business to help all of you get to know her better. Check it out below and thank you all for your support! I appreciate every person who finds their way to my little space here and takes the time to read what I have to say and those who take the time to send me a message or comment!! I hope you have a blessed day!! Hugs, Lissa


My name is Marquisha Daniels. I am the owner of Francheska Louies, LLC "Plus Size Vintage". I cater to sizes (12-24). We specialize in one of a kind, exclusive, unique vintage to add to your everyday wardrobe. I started this business because I felt the need to supply more options for the plus size. community. Growing up not having access to designer clothing and shoes, my parents simply could not afford it. I’ve always been fluffy. I didn't have access to the trendy options but of course I made a way out of no way. I fell in love with vintage trying to recreate current trends from my mothers walk in closet. She had tons of timeless vintage pieces from my grandmother, trips she had taken over the years and my absolute favorite, thrifting. Attending church as a young adult my mother started allowing me to style myself for Sunday Service. This is when the magic started to happen. My mom was not my biggest fan at the time but everyone else loved to see what new looks I would create every Sunday. Thrifting became a thing, it even became a lifestyle. I would shop with my mom and sister at local thrifts in the neighborhood such as Goodwill, Salvation Army and CHKD. I would find shoes, accessories and clothing. Everything I would find was trending in magazines, TV shows and the internet during the 2000s was accessible and reasonably priced at the thirft store. Thrifting allowed me to create a lane of my own. I became so good at thrifting and styling that I was even nominated for best dressed in high school. My passion for fashion gave me the drive to attend The Art Institute Of Philadelphia where I majored in Fashion Design. Throughout the years I worked heavily in fashion retail. I grew from a simple sales associate to a visual merchandiser, becoming a coordinator and even a store manager. I had the pleasure of working for three plus size companies and two small black owned businesses. These things and more are the main reason as to why I started my business. On top of running a small business I offer services such as Personal Styling, Personal Shopping, Alterations, Photo Shoots, Visual Merchandising, Creative Direction & Motivational Speaking. If you live locally in the seven cities area I often vend at Selden Market located Downtown Norfolk in Virginia throughout the year. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to check out our highlights @Frncheskalouies & @Fracnheskaloui3s. Email us at Contact us at (757) 447-4024.